Uefa champions league Digital working group

In a close collaboration between UEFA and TEAM, the third edition of the UEFA Champions League Digital Working Group was held with UEFA Champions League Partners on December 12th at Santander’s Headquarters in Madrid. The objective of the workshop was to support the Partner family in maximizing the value of their digital sponsorship rights. With presentations from in-house digital experts at UEFA and TEAM, Partners were provided with updates on UEFA’s digital strategy and developments in UEFA’s CRM roadmap. While UEFA’s social media platforms are valuable and offer great reach, the challenge is in bringing users back to the UEFA.com ecosystem.

“Our common goal is to derive greater value for all stakeholders from the data collected through UEFA platforms, while at the same time being focused on a strategy of engaging and retaining fans through a personalized content approach.”
Tim Dignard, UEFA Club Competitions Sponsorship Manager

In addition, the latest trends and insights from UEFA Champions League social media platforms were shared, with a focus on the benefits of leveraging the targeting capabilities and cost efficiencies of paid campaigns. In a social media landscape, in which competition for eyeballs is ever-growing and in which there has been a clear shift in terms of platform popularity from Facebook to Instagram, paid campaigns allow our Partners to target the audiences that are most relevant to them and their content.

“We are working to find every opportunity to maximize the value of commercial Partners’ rights. We work with Partners to understand their business objectives, generate content that helps meet those objectives and reach their target audiences. We also provide real time insights and reporting, and identify more efficient and effective ways to spend activation budgets on social media.” 
Mak Doric, TEAM Senior Digital Sponsorship Executive

Another important component of the Digital Working Group was the 1-on-1 meetings with Partners in which the digital topics most relevant to them were discussed. In addition, these meetings were used to further develop pilot projects which push UEFA and TEAM’s digital boundaries to deliver innovation to Partners.

“It is always great to meet UEFA, TEAM and other UEFA Champions League Partners. Thanks to this workshop, being updated on latest UEFA projects, explaining social media trends, discussing CRM opportunities and sharing best practices in a collaborative and constructive approach is always positive and useful.”
Marc Béraud, UEFA Champions League Content & Deployment at Nissan Europe

To supplement the workshop, UEFA, TEAM and Nissan conducted a pilot project around the live coverage of the Center Circle Carriers activation. With the support of football influencer Timbsy, Nissan told the story of a Real Madrid fan who was given the unique opportunity to get exclusive access to wave the star-ball flag ahead of kick-off. The full story, as told live through Instagram Stories, can be found here.

Following this successful event, the next Digital Working Group will be organized in the spring, ahead of the Madrid 2019 final. The goal of this workshop will be to generate synergies across UEFA and the Partner family around final activations.